A quick overview to Hulu original series


As the name suggests, this post is intended to give you all an overview of some the best and latest Hulu original series. By original series, we mean that those show are co-produced by the popular and well-liked online streaming channel, Hulu. There is a wide variety of Hulu original series but we will be talking about the most popular and recent ones. To watcg those super-entertaining shows, you must have access to Hulu. If you live outside US, you can get your hands on Hulu and Hulu Plus via UnoTelly. Check this post on how to get Hulu outside USA

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How to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus and other media stations directly on your TV

In the era of ever-growing prices and poor customer service by cable TV operators, most of TV fans have started streaming content over the web which is an inexpensive and more effective option. If you happen to be one of the many who are fed up of paying hefty prices each month for watching TV then you are definitely in the right place. In this post, we will show how to access Netflix, Hulu Plus and other popular video streaming stations directly on your TV, no matter where you live. This way, you’ll be able to watch anything you want on your TV with a lesser price.

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How to get your UK TV Fix from anywhere you are

British TV Channels

Do you happen to be a fan of UK streaming media stations? If you are experiencing problems in getting access to your favorite UK TV channels from your region then you have definitely came to the right place. Here, we will be talking about a method by which you can access UK TV from anywhere you are. UK TV has got a bunch of really entertaining TV channels. Among the most popular ones are BBC iPlayer, Now TV, iTV and Zattoo. Unluckily, these channels are only accessible within the UK but that’s not a big deal because in this post, we are going to show you how to access these top-rated UK channels from anywhere you are. If you are after some real fun, these channels are must to try.

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How to get Hulu Plus outside USA – everything you need to know

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an online video streaming website that enables you to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies on any device you have. If you like TV shows, Hulu Plus is a must-have for you. It is a paid online streaming service which was launched by Hulu back in 2010. Hulu Plus costs $7.99 per month and like Netflix and other video streaming services, it is only available to the American audience. If you are interested to get Hulu Plus outside USA, just read through this article which explains the best way to get it in your area.

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Netflix, Star Trek, OH MY!

The rumours of USA Netflix‘s superiority are definitely not greatly exaggerated.

As usual USA Netflix, unlike its Canadian counterpart, is streaming the entire Star Trek series.

Harkening back to the original 1966 Star Trek series all the way through Deep Space Nine and Enterprise to Star Trek: Voyager, USA Netflix provides it all for your viewing pleasure. Fascinating.

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The name is Telly, UnoTelly.

Relive your favourite Bond moments on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Are you an old school James Bond fan? Do the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore bring back memories of the old, suave, and charming Bond of the 60′s and 70′s? Maybe you’re just in the mood for a good old fashioned movie marathon. Either way, Netflix US has an extensive collection of 007 flicks that will leave you shaken and stirred.

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Amazon Streaming: Previews of Exclusive Shows!

Amazon Original Show Pilot Episodes Available!

Amazon has entered the fray of online original content providers. After the success of Netflix with its original programing—think House of Cards—streaming made-for-the-web content is here to stay.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon has chosen to put up the pilot episodes for its new shows, for free, in their marketplace—a litmus test of sorts for their shows. Amazon’s line-up includes a mix of mature comedy and children’s entertainment.

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NHL GameCenter Live: How to avoid Blackouts and watch your home team live

NHL GameCenter live

There are several ways available to watch NHL Games live. In this post, I will show you guys a way on how to watch any NHL Game live as it happens.

The best way to watch NHL live games is through the official NHL program called NHL Gamecenter LiveNHL GameCenter Live allows you to stream NHL games live, across multiple devices such as Xbox, Apple TV, iOS, Android and more for a flat fee. Furthermore, NHL GameCenter Live includes some cool features such as multi-game views and the ability to switch between home and away broadcasts.

The disadvantage of NHL GameCenter is that you will not be able to watch your home team using NHL Gamecenter due to NHL’s blackouts. For example, if you live in Vancouver (Canada) you will be blocked from all the Canucks live games. This tutorial will show you how to get around the NHL’s Gamecenter blackout and watch any NHL game live as it happens.

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