Global DNS Clusters

Find the nearest server to your current location

America UnoDNS Europe UnoDNS Africa/Eurasia UnoDNS Asia UnoDNS
Toronto (Dynamo Enabled) London Cape Town (Dynamo Enabled) Sydney (Dynamo Enabled)
Montreal (Dynamo Enabled) Ireland (Dynamo Enabled) Sydney (Dynamo Enabled)
Virginia (Dynamo Enabled) Germany (Dynamo Enabled) Turkey Perth (Dynamo Enabled)
Seattle (Dynamo Enabled) Italy (Dynamo Enabled) Egypt (Dynamo Enabled) Auckland (Dynamo Enabled)
California (Dynamo Enabled) Paris Johannesburg (Dynamo Enabled) Hong Kong (Dynamo Enabled)
LA Stockholm (Dynamo Enabled) Kolkata (Dynamo Enabled) Tokyo (Dynamo Enabled)
Sao Paulo (Dynamo Enabled) Stockholm (Dynamo Enabled) Singapore (Dynamo Enabled)
Mexico Brisbane (Dynamo Enabled)
Costa Rica